Belly Dance for Body Healing

Belly Dance for Busy Bodies


Belly Dance is a sacred art that was created for women by women many centuries ago. Its roots stem from tribal women in North Africa creating enjoyable undulating hip movements to prepare them for and recover from childbirth! The natural movements of the hips, torso, and legs are easy to learn, low impact, grounding and calming to the body and mind. Women all across the world are using belly dance movements before, during and after childbirth to create more ease, fluidity, and pleasure in their bodies. 

At Confident Mama, we offer online and in person Belly Dance private lessons, classes, and workshops for you to move your body and feel sexy in your own skin. Belly Dance is open to all ages, body types, and is safe to do during all stages of motherhood. There are certain movements that can greatly improve a mama’s recovery from childbirth, to help their core, pelvis, and legs bounce back. 

Belly Dance is a fun, uplifting, and empowering form of exercise that is not only safe but effective at helping the female body be more empowered and strong. There are many more benefits of Belly Dance for mama’s including improved posture and balance, boosted feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, improved sense of positive body image, relieving lower back pain, boosted self-confidence, increased physical strength, and building supportive connections with other women. 

Curious? Let us answer your questions by sending us a message or dropping into one of our workshops or classes. You are invited to experience the magic and healing of the sacred art of Belly Dance…..which can support you during all stages of motherhood!

Join us for an online Belly Dance class! Click the link here to learn more and register. All body shapes, ages and sizes are welcome. We offer classes without judgement, shame, or competition. Our dance classes are uplifting, empowering, and celebrate YOU as the Goddess you are!

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