Confidence Coaching

I  am here to celebrate, support, guide and teach you how to survive and thrive through these trials and tribulations of being a busy Mama.  I will guide you through the darkness of healing your body shame, traumas and pains and turn them into golden radiant self confidence.   


As your Coach, I will listen to you, give you mental and emotional processing tools to empower your body, mind, and spirit. I am trained as an advanced energy healer and spiritual coach. I can additionally support you with: Managing body aches and pains, wholesome nutrition, intuitive eating and supplement suggestions, mental and emotional reprogramming, and energy clearing for body, mind, and spirit. .  

Benefits of Spiritual Coaching include: 

  • Heal your trauma and you can let go of how you feel your body is “supposed to be” or “how perfect it is supposed to be”

  • Reclaim your empowering “feminine intuition” so that you can be in control of your food, relationship and sexual choices

  • Reduce your feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and build a loving and sacred bond with your body 

  • Learn how to live and breath CONFIDENCE while letting go of other people’s judgements and criticisms  


Are you ready to say yes to being fully celebrated and supported as the radiant Mama you are? 

Empowering Women worldwide


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