Fiona Rose

Fiona Rose is an Advanced Energy Healer, Access Bars Practitioner, Spiritual Coach and Belly Dance instructor. She specializes in empowering women’s bodies back to optimal health and happiness, by transforming their mental and emotional blocks into true self-confidence and self-love. 


Fiona has taught Belly Dance for women for the past 17 years across the globe.  She has found that Belly Dance is an integral part of boosting one’s self-esteem and self-confidence so they can feel fabulous in their own skin again! Fiona integrates her method of Belly Dance as a safe and effective tool for prenatal, labor, postnatal care and postpartum recovery. 


Fiona’s many years as a Certified Personal Trainer, Reiki Master, and Nutrition Coach gives her the experience to work with and understand the unique needs of the female body. She has experience helping women overcome and release aches, pains, and trauma from their bodies so they can create more freedom, ease, and pleasure in their bodies.

Empowering Women worldwide


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